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Selection of precipitator in industrial dedusting equipment

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When selecting the precipitator, it is necessary to fully consider the relevant factors, such as dust removal efficiency, pressure loss, primary investment, maintenance management, etc., the most important of which is dust removal efficiency. Special attention should be paid to some problems in the selection of industrial dedusting equipment. Today, industrial dust removal equipment manufacturers and you have a look.


  1. The selected dust remover must meet the discharge concentration specified in the discharge standard. For the system with unstable operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the influence of flue gas treatment capacity change on dust removal efficiency and pressure loss. For example, the dedusting efficiency and pressure loss of cyclone dust collector increase with the increase of flue gas treatment, but the efficiency of most dust collectors (such as electrostatic precipitator) decreases with the increase of flue gas treatment.

  2. The physical properties of dust have a great influence on the performance of dust remover. For example, the dust with large viscosity is easy to stick on the surface of the precipitator, so it is not suitable to use dry dedusting; the dust with too large or too small resistance is not suitable to use electric dedusting; the fibrous or hydrophobic dust is not suitable to use wet dedusting.

    Different industrial dedusting equipment has different dedusting efficiency for different particle size dust. When selecting the deduster, we must first understand the particle size distribution of the dust to be collected, and then select the appropriate deduster according to the dedusting classification efficiency and dedusting requirements of the deduster.

  3. When the dust concentration of the gas is high, the initial purification equipment with low resistance should be set in front of the electrostatic precipitator or bag filter to remove the coarse dust particles, so that the equipment can play a better role. For example, reducing the dust concentration at the inlet of the precipitator can improve the filtering speed of the bag type precipitator and prevent the corona blocking of the electrostatic precipitator. For the wet dust remover, the mud treatment capacity can be reduced, the investment can be saved, and the operation and maintenance workload can be reduced.