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Which scheme is suitable for your plasma cutting machine

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         In the process of metal heat treatment and cutting, there will be a lot of smoke and dust. These harmful smoke and dust will seriously harm the site environment, operators and workshop equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively clean the smoke and dust in the working process of the cutting machine at the work site.

        The amount of smoke produced in cutting depends on the cutting process and the material and thickness of the cut plate. In the process of flame, plasma and laser cutting, a lot of harmful smoke and dust will be produced.

Three schemes of plasma cutting machine

Scheme I: plasma cutting “double suction” purification and dust removal system

A sliding air suction duct is placed on both sides of the cutting platform. In each sliding air suction duct, there is a moving air suction port above each sliding air suction duct, and the air is drawn to both sides at the same time. The cut dust is inhaled into the purification host through the air suction pipe. After being filtered by the filter cartridge, the clean air is discharged from the top of the equipment, which can be directly discharged indoors or led by the pipe to discharge outdoors. The dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter cartridge is blown to the dust collection box through the automatic back blowing device, and it can be cleaned regularly according to the actual situation.


Scheme II: plasma cutting machine "blow suction" purification and dust removal system

On one side of the cutting platform is an air suction car which can move with the cutting machine, and the corresponding other is an air outlet with a small axial flow fan. A duct is formed between several narrow grids during cutting, which can achieve better dust removal effect with a smaller air volume. And the cutting platform of the dedusting form is relatively simple, and the overall investment cost is relatively small


Scheme III: plasma cutting "hood suction" purification and dust removal system

For the larger cutting platform, dust collection of dust cover type can be selected. A dust cover of suitable size can be set above the gantry, and it is equipped with arc shield. Moving with the gantry, the cutting dust of the large platform can be treated with a smaller air volume to achieve good dust removal effect and cost saving.