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How much do you know about Moland Smoke Purifier?

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  When the laser processing equipment works, it will produce a lot of smoke and dust, especially when the processing materials are organic glass, acrylic, PVC raw materials and cortex, the smoke and dust is even more odorous, seriously affecting the working environment, and seriously polluting the working environment of the workshop, as well as endangering the health of workshop workers.

  Efficient smoke purification equipment is designed for the purification of waste gas generated by laser processing equipment such as sculpture, marking and cutting. The equipment adopts the design of lower air intake and upper air exhaust. Large particles of dust settle in the filter box under the action of gravity. Small particles of dust pass through the main filter core with the air flow to prevent the filter core from blocking too quickly.

The filter element is installed in drawer type, which is convenient and labor-saving.

Precision microchip control, effective filter block alarm, remote control.

Brushless DC frequency conversion motor, energy saving, high speed, high suction, low noise, maintenance-free.

Multilevel filtration, discharge up to standard.

  The filter system of purification equipment consists of three parts: pre-filter layer, main filter layer and gas filter layer. The pre-filter layer can absorb larger particles in exhaust gas to avoid blocking the main filter layer prematurely. The main filter layer is composed of HEPA high-efficiency filter core. The HEPA high-efficiency filter core has 99.7% filtration efficiency for 0.3 micron particles, and the gas filter layer can absorb larger particles in exhaust gas to avoid blocking the main filter layer prematurely. The bulk filter layer is composed of chemical filter element, which is different from ordinary activated carbon filtration or activated carbon cotton and activated carbon felt filtration. Our company selects high-quality activated carbon particles, adds chemical ingredients specially allocated by our company, and molecular sieve oxidizer can effectively remove odor, odor, odor and toxicity from smoke and dust exhaust gas. Harmful gases.



Place of use: laser engraving, marking, cutting, tin welding

Medical laser, chemical experiment waste gas purification treatment, etc.

Smoke filtration characteristics:

* Smoke filtering integrated structure design, easy installation, flexible movement, without laying smoking pipes.

* High-power DC brushless motor has long service life, low noise and high air flow.

* High-pressure centrifugal fan (2200PA) is used to prolong the service life of filter element and reduce the cost of use.

* The design of smoke filtration triple filtration ensures the removal of harmful substances in smoke and protects human safety. Initial effect filter,

* Medium-effect filter and main filter can be replaced separately, which can make the best use of the filter and reduce the cost of production and use.

* The built-in smoke filter circulating air filter avoids discharging indoor air-conditioner/heater outdoors.

* The air volume can be adjusted, the flexible smoking arm can be adjusted freely, and it can be adjusted and fixed independently according to any position of the marking point.

Smoke filtering applications:

* Smoke Removal and Deodorization of Products such as Laser Sculpture, Marking and Acrylic Leather

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