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Points for Attention in Handling Centralized Dust Removal Equipment

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What should we pay attention to in the process of handling centralized dust removal equipment? Today, centralize dust removal equipment manufacturers to share their experience.

1. The maximum inclination angle of the box body should not exceed 45 degrees, nor should it be inverted or laid out horizontally. Otherwise, the compressor will be damaged or the refrigerating oil in the compressor will flow into the refrigeration pipeline, which will affect the refrigeration and easily cause the spring-off of the compressor. Do not place heavy objects on the top of refrigeration equipment in case of falling objects and injuring family members due to the door switch.

2. When handling refrigeration equipment, we should lift the bottom, not grasp the handle or box door to exert force, not to drag on the ground, the top of the refrigeration equipment should be left at least 30 cm high space, the back and sides should be left at least 10 cm space, in order to facilitate heat dissipation.

Centralized dust removal equipment

3. In the course of transportation, it is necessary to prevent bumping and violent vibration, and to prevent rain and water immersion. It should not be placed in the environment of inflammable, explosive and corrosive articles. At the same time, do not place such items inside. Should be placed away from heat sources, in a ventilated and dry place, to avoid direct sunlight.

4. Should be placed on a flat and solid ground, and keep the compressor level, refrigeration equipment handling not only for the sake of safety, but also can make the refrigeration compressor work smoothly, reduce vibration and noise. If the ground is uneven, the adjusting foot can be adjusted to make the refrigeration equipment level.