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Ten Matters for Maintenance of Industrial Dust Removal Equipment in Summer

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Industrial dust removal equipment: How to maintain the dust removal equipment, before that, we have explained the consequences of industrial vacuum cleaner not paying attention to maintenance or using incorrect methods. Next we will introduce how to use the vacuum cleaner and maintain it correctly.

First, there are many kinds of dust removal equipment, and their models, specifications, structural performance and functional characteristics are different. Before using, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully to avoid the damage of industrial vacuum cleaner and the danger to the safety of users.

2. The ambient temperature of the ordinary industrial vacuum cleaner should not exceed 40 degrees, the workplace should not be above 1000 meters above sea level, there should be a good ventilation environment, the air can not be used in the dry room environment of flammable and corrosive gases.

3. Dry dust collectors are not allowed to absorb water and wet hands are not allowed to operate vacuum cleaners. If there are large paper balls, plastic cloth or waste materials larger than the diameter of the pipette in the places needing cleaning, it should be cleared beforehand, otherwise the pipette will be blocked easily. 6. When industrial vacuum cleaner absorbs liquid substances, it is necessary to remove the filter element and take care to empty the liquid in time.

4. Connect the wires well to ensure the safety of electricity use. The general industrial vacuum cleaner works continuously for no more than 8 hours at a time, mainly to prevent the motor from overheating and burning down. A specially designed industrial vacuum cleaner can work continuously for 36 hours without shutdown due to its special heat dissipation system, and can be used with machine tools.

5. When using an industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with an automatic winding device, pull the power cord out enough length to use. Do not pull the power cord over. If you see a yellow or red mark on the power cord, you must stop pulling it out immediately to prevent pulling the power cord over. If you need to roll back the power cord, press the button directly and automatically take back.

6. Do not overextend and bend the hose of industrial vacuum cleaner or fold and fold frequently, which will affect the hose life of industrial vacuum cleaner.

7. Check whether the power plug and power cord of dust removal equipment are damaged or not. Leakage will burn the motor of industrial vacuum cleaner.

8. Mobile dust removal equipment should be careful not to be impacted to prevent damage and leakage of industrial vacuum cleaner barrel, and reduce the suction of industrial vacuum cleaner.

9. Place the machine in a ventilated and dry place when it is not in use. Industrial vacuum cleaners that do not support long-term continuous work are not supported. Continuous working hours should be controlled within the working hours supported by industrial vacuum cleaners. Do not work overload, otherwise the service life of industrial vacuum cleaners will be affected.

10. Industrial dust removal equipment: If the main engine of the dust removal equipment is heated, has a burning odor, or the industrial vacuum cleaner is unusually shaking and ringing, it should be shut down and repaired immediately. Do not overload the use of industrial vacuum cleaner.