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New product recommendation | Mobile welding fume purifier

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New product recommendation

In order to meet the market demand of environmental protection equipment, Meilan Environmental Protection has upgraded ML series Movable weld smoke purifier in an all-round way. What improvements have been made to the upgraded weld smoke purifier?


Introduction of parameters:

Model: MLWF290

Power: 2.2KW

Power Environment: 380V/50Hz

Air volume: 3000m3/h

Filtration accuracy: 0.3 um

Material of filter element: imported flame retardant film

Cleaning mode: Fully automatic rotor cleaning

Filtration area: 10㎡

Size: 800*700*1600

Weight: 130kg


2.2KW original equipment is pulse ash cleaning, the new model added rotor pulse back blowing, more thorough ash cleaning.

New Rotor Pulse Back Blow Principle:

When the dust deposits on the surface of the filter, the pressure difference inside and outside the filter increases. When the pressure difference reaches the original set value, there is a certain air pressure source, which is a process of air flow-compression-rediffusion. The instantaneous jet airflow is controlled to the inner surface of the filter cartridge by the solenoid valve, so as to clean the dust and self-cleaning the filter cartridge. The rotors are made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy, and properly matched with stainless steel bearings and clapping caps, which have good ash cleaning effect, energy saving and environmental protection.


imported Niederman suction arm and aluminum alloy skeleton are optional. Compared with the upgraded suction arm, the upgraded suction arm has more flexible movement and longer service life.


Dust collection drawer is more reasonable and convenient. The filtered dust is collected in the dust collection drawer to prevent secondary pollution.


the new type of equipment with PLC control, more intelligent.

1. High reliability and anti-interference ability

High reliability is the key performance of electrical control equipment. PLC is manufactured by modern large scale integrated circuit technology and strict production process. The internal circuit adopts advanced anti-interference technology, which has high reliability. Using PLC to constitute control system, compared with relay contactor system of the same scale, electrical wiring and switch contacts have been reduced to hundreds or even thousands of times, and faults have been greatly reduced. In addition, the PLC has the function of hardware fault self-detection, which can send out alarm information in time when a fault occurs. In the application software, the applicant can also program the fault self-diagnosis program of peripheral devices, so that the circuit and equipment in the system besides PLC can also get fault self-diagnosis protection. In this way, the whole system will be highly reliable.

2. Complete matching, perfect function and strong applicability

With the development of PLC, a series of products of various scales have been formed, which can be used in industrial control occasions of various scales. In addition to the logic processing function, most of the PLCs have perfect data operation ability, which can be used in various digital control fields. Various functional units have emerged in large numbers, which makes PLC infiltrate into position control, temperature control, CNC and other industrial control. With the enhancement of communication ability of PLC and the development of man-machine interface technology, it is very easy to use PLC to form various control systems.

3. Easy to learn and easy to use. It is welcomed by engineers and technicians.

PLC is an industrial control equipment for industrial and mining enterprises. Its interface is easy, and its programming language is easy to be accepted by engineers and technicians. Graphic symbols of ladder diagram language are quite similar to the way of expression and relay circuit diagram, which opens a convenient door for those who are not familiar with electronic circuits, do not understand computer principles and assembly language to engage in industrial control.

Applicable working conditions:

It is suitable for arc welding, carbon dioxide protection welding, MAG welding, carbon arc gas gouging welding, gas melting cutting, special welding and other places where smoke is generated. The purifying rate of smoke, dust and fine metal particles suspended in the air which are harmful to human body can reach 99.97%.

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